Royal Ascot Limo Hire Wellingborough

Royal Ascot is not only a horse racing event, it is also a fashion show. This is why you should make a statement and arrive in Hummer limo hire to make sure you get noticed. Total luxury limo hire form Wellingborough to Royal Ascot. Wellingborough to Royal Ascot Racecourse Hummer limo hire is around 80 miles and takes around 1hour 40 minutes.

Hummer limo hire to Ascot Racecourse for total luxury. Why not get picked up from outside the Swansgate shopping centre, 18-19 Spring Lane, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 1EY so that everyone can see you getting into a beautiful Hummer limo on your way to Royal Ascot limo hire.

Wellingborough limousine hire offer package deals on Royal Ascot travel. Our Party Bus package includes :

Table and chairs


Chauffeur who sets it all up

Free Champagne!

For a truly memorable Royal Ascot experience, book with Wellingborough Limousine Hire, and trust us to take care of you.